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'A Cup Full of Hope'

Watch USPG's webinar with the Diocese of Colombo, who shared about their Plantation Community Development Programme and changing understanding of mission.

'One in Christ Jesus'

USPG hosted a webinar with representatives from across the Zambia Anglican Church on the topic of gender inequality.

The Cry of Creation: Creativity in the Church

The final session of USPG's 2021 Conference focused on the issue of climate change and how to respond to the climate emergency.

Racial Justice: Recovering Spiritualities, Restoring Justice

The third session of USPG's 2021 Conference focused on racial inequality and how we can bring about racial justice.

Prayer, Presence and Provision in the Pandemic

The second session of USPG's 2021 Conference gave representatives from across the world church an opportunity to share how they were responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solidarity and Global Mission in the Age of Covid

The first session of USPG's 2021 Conference raised questions around how we do mission in the Age of Covid.

Churches and Covid-19: Lessons from the front line

USPG hosts webinar highlighting how churches in the UK have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Abundant Life Programme Webinar with the IFI

During this webinar, our partners in the Philippines shared how they were protecting human rights against government repression.

Past and Present: Pastoral Care across space and time

To mark the anniversary of our founder's death, USPG and SPCK joined together to discuss the legacy of Thomas Bray.

A View from Here: Global mission in a post-pandemic world

Experts from mission agencies in the UK discussed how the pandemic has changed our view of mission.

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