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Church of North India

The Church of North India 

The Church of North India (CNI) is a united and uniting church. Six denominational churches came together on 29 November 1970, and formed the CNI including Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren, Disciples of Christ, Methodists and the United Church of Northern India. It has 27 dioceses and around 2.2 million members across North India.

USPG’s connection with North India dates from 1820 when the Society supported the building of Bishop’s College, Calcutta (now Kolkata) and appointed the first members of staff. USPG has a longstanding relationship and partnership with the CNI. It engages with the mission of the Church on promoting rights to Dalit and Tribal communities through the CNI Synodical Board of Social Services; women’s empowerment and protection through the Delhi Brotherhood Society; antihuman trafficking and community health through the Diocese of Durgapur; and recently Covid-19 response through medical institutions under the CNI Synodical Board of Health Services

The Most Revd Dr Prem Chand Singh is the current Moderator and the Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese.

The CNI is committed to announce the Good of News of God’s reign, inaugurated through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in proclamation and demonstration to restore the integrity of God’s creation through continuous struggle against evil by breaking down barriers of caste, class, gender, economic inequality, and abuse of nature.


You can watch the Church of North India's contribution to our 2021 Communion Day of Prayer below.

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